Driver’s age: 23-75 years old and have a valid driver’s license for at least 12 months before the reservation.

Driver’s license: Driver’s licenses from all countries will be accepted. For driver’s licenses that do not belong in the European Union, their holders must have international driver’s license.

ID Card/ Passport: The identification document must always be under driver’s or drivers’ name.

Credit/ Debit Card: The owner of the card must be the same to the registered driver of the rental contract.

The person that will be registered as the vehicle’s drive must be older than 23 years old and below 75 years old and have a valid driver’s license for at least 12 months before the reservation.

There are two types of coverage. In rental with Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), in case of an accident the lessee will be charge with legitimate participation (waiver amount). In rental with Full Damage Waiver (FDW) the lessee can be fully relieved from his legitimate participation (waiver amount) by paying an additional amount per day according to the terms and condition of the contract. For further information concerning insurance and exemptions, click here.

The rental price includes local taxes, VAT 24%, crystal breakage, second driver, 24h road assistance.

The rental price does not include baby chair in case you need it, fines arising from the violation of the Traffic Code and the guarantee.

The cancellation or change of a reservation can be completed via e-mail.

If the reservation is cancelled up to 21 days before the reservation date, the total amount is compensated.

If the reservation is cancelled 20-8 days before the reservation date, then the 50% of the total amount is compensated.

If the reservation is cancelled up to 7 days before the reservation date then there is no refund.

Driving abroad is prohibited.

Η μεταφορά του οχήματος με πλοίο απαγορεύεται.

It can only be transported upon written consent of the company. Damages caused during loading, uploading and transporting the car are not covered.

In case of accident, theft or fire, whether another car is involved or not, the lessee must immediately contact the company, police and road assistance and fill in and sign an accident, partial or total theft and fire declaration.

Ενοικίαση αυτοκινήτου τιμές Θεσσαλονίκη

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and the largest city in Macedonia both in area and population. It was an important financial and commercial center during the years of the Ottoman Empire and is considered a living museum of history, as there are many monuments and attractions throughout the city. Some of them are:

WHITE TOWER: It is a 15th century Ottoman construction fortification. Today it is considered a landmark monument of Thessaloniki and functions as a museum overlooking the seaside of the city.

ROTONDA: The Rotonda is a 4th century domed circular building in Thessaloniki, similar to the Pantheon in Rome. After the Liberation of Thessaloniki, in 1912, it was dedicated to Saint George. It is included in the Early Christian and Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

GALERIUS ARCH (CAMARA): The Camara is a building of the Roman "Tetrarchy" era which was built to honor the Roman Emperor Galerius, when he returned victorious to the city after his wars against the Persians. Now, it is one of the most well-known meeting points of the city's residents and visitors.

CHURCH OF SAINT DIMITRIOS: It is a temple dedicated to the patron saint of the city with a Greek-style five-aisled basilica architecture, which however has rare and special characteristics compared to other temples.

EPTAPYRGIO- YEDI KULE (YediKule): The castle and the walls in Thessaloniki are creations of earlier times as they were necessary for the fortification of the city, while it functioned as a prison in the 1890s. The YediKule Fortress is known for its fantastic view.

CHALKIDIKI: It is a summer destination close to Thessaloniki that can satisfy all tastes as it combines many options. Beautiful landscapes, emerald waters, organized beach bars, isolated beaches. It is the ideal destination for holidays or even for a day's escape.

KAVALA: It is a coastal city approximately 2 hours from Thessaloniki. Within walking distance from the city there are many beaches with blue waters and taverns by the sea. Kavala has an intense nightlife as it also hosts many students. Also, in this city you will be able to visit various archaeological monuments.

VOLOS: It is a beautiful and modern city in Magnesia. It is also one of the college towns in Greece, which means that it also has an intense nightlife and is famous for its tsipouradika. Not far from Volos you will find Pelion with its picturesque villages, which are worth visiting.

OLYMPUS: The highest mountain in Greece and home of the twelve gods of antiquity. There you can climb to the top of Mytakas and enjoy the view or visit the surrounding villages where you will find various activities to do.

3. What should I look out when choosing a car? Fuel policy: “SAME TO SAME”. You must return the vehicle in the same amount of fuel as you received it. Drivers: You can add a second driver for free, but make sure you mention it in your reservation. Pickup - delivery location: When booking, select the pickup and delivery location that serves you, for more details click here.

Size: To enjoy a comfortable journey, choose the car class according to your needs.